Thursday, November 02, 2006

True Stories up on!

Want to hear all the audio from the night Jonpaul McLellan called "A triumph..."? The night my mom called, "completely humiliating"? The night some guy in audience called, "Show us your tits!"?

Well, it's all up at the Powell's bookcast!

One warning - okay, three:
1) Again - at the very beginning of the very first piece..a swear word. The big one. El Cursola Grande.
2) You will learn more about feminine hygiene than you ever, EVER wanted to know from Chelsea Cain. And yet you will be tranfixed. How will it all end? You'll just have to keep listening to find out!
3) Don't eat anything before listening to Kristin Hersh's story.

Heed those warnings, and you'll be fine.


patsypalooza said...

Thank God, wherever she is!!! Finally, I am released from the "blessing" of parenthood and can hear at least some of this amazing night (I was "lucky" enough to "get" to go to my child's back-to-school night when the live event was happening. I'm not "ambivalent" about parenthood "at all."). I'm only halfway though and I have to say thank you to and to court and jim and the other editors and powers that be for giving me this precious gift. Oh, and court? You said Stacy Boat. Again. That's funny ta me. "love ya," p

El Padre Rico said...

I looked up Horfaze in the dictionary and, wow, nuthin'!
Do I need to use one of them fancy "urban" dictionaries on the intronet? Anyway, it was a pretty tune, even with the accidental vulgarities and such. You got a real dreamy voice.
I'm goin' to try to find a friend with fancy computer skills to make it so's I can put Horfaze on my eyepod. I hope that's not inappropriate in the music business, since I'll just be listenin' to it myself and not givin' it away and all.
B'sides, it will be a nice mento of our times together.

patsypalooza said...

mmmm..... mentos. the fresh-maker!

Courrrtenay said...

Dear Father Rick,
AKtually, you don't need anyone with special skillz to download the song to your iPod - on the bookcast there's a way to grab it as its own little file. I think you right click or ctrl click or some kind of freakin' click. There's clicking involved in some way. I'm glad you liked it. I aim to please. Except when I don't.

El Padre Rico said...

Hey, thanks, Courrrt! I got it on mypod now. You might let 'em know they speled it wrong, though.