Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trick or treat, indeed.

Okay, so I have a question. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HALLOWEEN? When, exactly, did costume shops start stocking women's outfits straight off the set of Ron Jeremy's "Night of 1,000 Skank Hos"? Not that I have anything against sexy women. Sexy women rule. Sexy women are fun. Sexy women can get almost anything they want from men. Well, straight men. Gay men just tend to want to borrow their shoes.

The thing is, I want Halloween to go back to the way it was. Back to women in hobo costumes with their teeth blacked out. Women dressed as pumpkins. Or witches. I mean, REAL witches, with long black robes and green faces and bigass, ugly warts. Not THIS kind of witch:

This kind of witch can't cast a spell on anyone. She's too busy checking the seam on her fishnets and re-applying her strawberry-scented lip gloss. And this witch won't scare me, except if she uses my toilet. In that case, I'm disinfecting. You just never know.

But it doesn't stop at witches. It seems all women's costumes have been infected with the Sex Kitten Virus. (Think bird flu, but with less coughing and more cleavage.) Walking around a Halloween party circa 2006, you'll be surrounded by women whose clothing has rendered them all but completely ineffectual in their chosen profession.

"Nurse, can you hand me the...holy shmolies!!!!"

Imagine. She's standing on a beam on the 32nd floor, drilling in rivets. But the team on the 31st floor? Completely worthless, due to two things: one, they're all totally entranced by the full-on, all-day crotch shot. (Who wouldn't be?) And two, they're all slightly disturbed by the sexual ambiguity of being attracted to a woman with a drill.

"Slide! Slide! Sl...oh crap. That's gonna leave a mark."

First real fire? Third degree burns. Pretty much everywhere.

This one's my favorite. It's a cheerleader for death! Especially popular in cancer wards.

Listen, I understand that there are few opportunities for most women to dress like strippers (unless they are strippers - then they're endless!), but can we leave Halloween alone? Do we, as woman, want to start dreading Halloween like we do swimsuit season - dieting and exercising like crazy so our "Supreme Court Justice With a Whip" costume (Now, with mini-robe and thigh-highs!), will knock 'em dead at the church Halloween Bazaar?

No. We don't. So please. Let's have one freakin' day where the pressure to be pretty is lifted. Halloween should be scary and fun and free of low-self-esteem attacks caused by size 0 women in plasticene nurses costumes that are definitely NOT sanitized for your protection.

C'mon, people! Say it with me now: Keep Halloween Ugly!


El Padre Rico said...

Wow, Courrrt, thanks for all the awesome pix! You really put the porn in Pornoween! I just can't stop exclaiming! Please, make it stop!

Courrrtenay said...

No problem, father! We're here to please! And as far as the exclaiming goes, Tyler started it! Blame him!!!

themoxiest said...

When straight men stop using that one day to cross-dress (who doesn't love a big hairy guy in a Nurse Buffy outfit? Me. Not a fan. Or of hairy guys in general but that's a different blog comment), then maybe Transvestoween will return to paranormal.

BUT here's MY peeve: when did the adults take it over from the kids in the first place? Can't we leave it alone? Let the kids bob for razors and and hand them crap candy at the door. But no, the pressure is on to go to some stupid party dressed like the aforementioned whores and crossdressers. I'm staying home, dammit.

Linsel I-Can-Be-A-Black-Jazz-Musician-if-I-Want Greene said...

Shouldn't we all be on a bus or something on Halloween this year anyway?
In all seriousness, I had a tough time deciding on my costume for this year.
I'm having a party Saturday (i'd have invited all of you, but you'd have never I just skipped the step) and I was torn between two choices.
Michael McDonald, circa 1987
You know, bushy with just a slight tough of grey. A look that just says Smooth Contemporary Adult Popular Music. I can do a killer "Takin' it to the streets"
Rahsaan Roland Kirk, circa 1972
Course, the latter being a relatively obscure blind, black, jazz saxophonist...well the choice was obvious.
Just wish I had a saxophone to finish the costume.