Monday, June 18, 2007

The Worst Jobs Ever

1. Richard Simmons' shorts seamstress. (No one sells those anymore. They have to be custom-made. By someone.)

2. Post-St. Patrick's Day Cleanup Crew: Vomit Division.

3. Whoever's in charge of telling George Lucas that his latest script is awesome.

4. President of the United States.*

5. Those guys who die for crab legs.

*This is only a bad job if you didn't pay a lot of attention in school and therefore have difficulty grasping complex ideas and sometimes can't remember the names of all the continents.


el padre rico said...

Sweet baby Jesus god it's over! The pressure is off. Court, you don't suck at all. Thanks for posting. I was felling so tense, what with all the responsibilities on the other thread. The vacation helped some, but now I have this tight spot in my neck, right here. Feel that?
Anyway, I think a sucky job would be fireworks catcher.

el padre said...

Feeling ...feeling! I guess I'm having trouble with my fellings.

I'm not kidding.

el padre said...

As it is now the 5th of July, I can affirm that one sucky job IS fireworks catcher.
Salve, please.
Yes, all over.

patsypalooza said...

i got hit too! then the cops came by and asked quite sweetly "are you just about done with the mortars? because the fire marshall is out and he's handing out tickets..." so we stopped.

el padre said...

Don't fret, Pats.
Have salve, will travel.