Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This is just...wow.

Holy crap, it's the Maria Bamford Show! To watch all eight hilariously wrong episodes, go here.


padrerico said...

Yeah, we're still working the Father Rick thread, y'know, just in case your on unemplyment and eatin' government cheese.
Like me.

Sh*ts & G*ggles said...

I am so glad someone else has discovered this! I've been watching and re-watching episodes. I love "Mother's Day" the best, I think. Maria is brilliant. Hopefully she will come to Portland one day!

Sh*ts & G*ggles said...

Hey! Me again. (Not that you even know who 'me' is(!).) I thought I'd let you all know that Maria Bamford is going to be in Portland next month! The Comedians of Comedy are back (did not see that coming) and are on tour, stopping at the Roseland Theater on Friday, October 5th. Citysearch comments about the Roseland have sort of scared me, but I'm going anyway! Maybe I'll see you there.