Thursday, September 13, 2007

On the Road with Oregon Bounty and Bad Drivers

Back in August, Kate Sokoloff (Live Wire producer), fellow Faces For Radio Theater member Sean McGrath and I went on a big fat adventure through all seven regions of Oregon.

The trip was a collaboration between Live Wire and our totally-kickass-in-every-way sponsor, Travel Oregon. At each stop, we created a video blog (or vlog) introducing you to brewers, chefs, farmers, ranchers, and even the owner of an old-fashioned flour mill - all people who help create the amazing food, wine and beer that makes living in Oregon so damn tasty.

Greg Robeson, our experienced leader, showed us the way and Sean acted as his co-correspondent, utilizing his extensive journalism experience.* Videos will be up on the Oregon Bounty Website for a week starting September 27th- until then, check out this preview video to see the glory that is Sean McGrath. Oh, and I've posted a few photos as well.

Here are some of the lessons I learned along the way:
  1. If someone screams in their sleep, don't go in their room and check on them. Really, what are the odds that they're being murdered? Minuscule.
  2. The curry cheese torta from Rising Sun Farms is like crack cocaine for cheese lovers. Holy freakin' heck is that thing GOOD.
  3. Sean drives like a person who's not afraid to die.
  4. Kate drives like a person who's not afraid to kill everyone else in the car.
  5. 100-degree heat turns me into a giant pile of whine with a side of wussy pie.
You can read Greg's Blog here.

Sean ready for a fishing trip in Depoe Bay.

Flowers at Rising Sun Farms.

The Bend sky at dusk.

The well-worn bar at the Rainbow Cafe in Pendleton, est. 1893.

*3 months at the Columbia School of Journalism in Bogata. Unfortunately, Sean doesn't speak Spanish.


Anonymous said...

Oregon Drivers are terrible. I live in Salem and its drivers and the rudest most clueless and self involved drivers I have ever had the misfortune to encounter.
They are myopic, don’t look or think ahead, tailgate in all type of traffic, go slow in the left lane….in fact they park their fat asses in the left lane…frequently under the speed limit, go 25 in a 30 and 40 in a 30…pay little attention to traffic signs, don’t turn right on a red on a clear blue open no traffic day…but still tailgate, go slower then the speed limit on the highway to the coast but when you try to pass on the uphill passing lanes they speed up…
Here is their basic attitude. "Do it my way…but to hell with everybody but me…since I am busy reading my mail, doing my makeup and talking on my phone."

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the dangerous driver of bright blue honda civic oregon plate

Anonymous said...

Every year it rains in Oregon, and every year its citizens seem to for get how to drive in it. Why is that?

DisgustedinOregon said...

All Oregon drivers are retarted; not just the ones in Salem! Have you tried driving around Portland lately? Not only do we have the arrogant, self-involved, drive too slow, ignore traffic laws, and do everything in the car BUT drive drivers, we have all the freakin' BICYCLES to deal with. They are supposed to share the road with us and obey the same laws that we do, BUT THEY DON'T! However, they are even more retarted than the car drivers! It always seems to amaze me when a bicyclist cuts you off or runs a stop sign and you have to slam on your brakes to avoid them, then they flip YOU off! Now what kind of retard on a bike is going to tangle with a one-ton vehicle! See, I told you they are retarted! Also, I have NEVER seen a bicyclist pulled over for bad driving, when they are the worst on the road! WAKE UP AND DRIVE OREGON AND LEAVE THE REST OF YOUR CRAP AT HOME!!!