Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth from Live Wire!


El Padre Rico said...

Happy Fourth?????????????????????????
It's October 8th and there's some kind of LiveWire thing downtown today and I can't find out what time!!!

Anonymous said...

time to update the blog, folks.

el padre said...

It's a contest, right? January 4th marked 6 months of the couch-potatoness that is this site. So, what, everybody has lives all of a sudden?

Anonymous said...

Oh ye of much faith, Padre.
I am amazed ANYONE besides me even checks this blog...EX in in DEAD...and I don't mean pining for the fjords.
I see this blog every day. I have an add-on to Firefox called "my morning coffee" and when I click the button about a dozen websites I regularly check spread their tabs across my screen and I peruse them. This is one of them. So every day I get the depressing reminder that the one and only blog of which I have been a part is a barren wasteland. It's like having a pic of Chernobyl for a desktop, or the Nagasaki slideshow screensaver. A daily dose of regrettable "meh."
Somehow I know you understand the pathos.
Thanks for hanging in there, EPR.