Thursday, February 19, 2009

Six word memoirs make us happy.

Brave audience members read their six-word memoirs.

At our February 13th show, we asked our audience to write 6-word memoirs about Love and Heartbreak (affectionately titled "Hi-and-Bye!-ku" by producer Kate Sokoloff). Some are about love and heartbreak, some just about the love part. Below are some of our favorites that we didn't get to air.

Was it me or my mullet?
- Julie M.

Hold me close. Let me go.
- Will C.

WANTED! One therapist with cleared schedule.
- Stacey M.

I don't. Devastation. Wait. I do.
- Tamara

I really want you! To die.
- Bret L.

Dad hated him; I was smitten.
- Alyson L.

But I've always been this short.
- Dave M.

Left boy. Married man. Happy now.
- Heather D.

Your touch sublime, but alas, Republican.
- Brett B.

When you're young it's more intense.
- Adam L., age 12

Eyes met, lips joined, feet departed.
- Holly F.

I found love, got a dog.
- Jessica M.

Your ghost still teases my heart.
- Linda P.

Sam Adams didn't pick me, dammit!
- Valerie D.

Inhibitions be gone! Whee! Um, oops.
- Laura L.

He loves me! Killed a flower.
- Erin C.

Old us gives me eternal youth.
- Carey B.

It could be so much easier.
- James

You showed up. House burned down.
- Michael M.

Met you. World new. Sky Blue.
- Lynne

Love in junior high. It sucks.
- Justen K, age 13

Twas a dark and bumpy night.
- Linda C.

Now I can't stop eating nachos.
- Christy B.

Dirty text message equaled true love.
- Angela B.

Going for third base...strike out.
- McKenzie M.

Yeah, that's it. Right there. Ouch.
- Eric

Girl. Woman. Wife. Divorcee. Cougar. Spinster.
- Jinae

All it took was one hug.
- Lindy C.

Will you? I do. Now what??
- Craig H.

Ring lasted longer than the marriage did.
- Mariel

She braided our long hair together.
- Ed C.

Oysters. Allergy! No sex after all.
- anon

Mirror, mirror: How I love you.
- Craig M.

Found Fred. Married Fred. I'm Ethel.
- K. D.

Love is a Live Wire. Beware!
- Chris B.

Another favorite was an audience member who drew a very rough estimation of a man's member on their memoir card, followed by: Ha ha ha ha ha (ha).

Hey, we never said it had to be six DIFFERENT words.

Thanks so much to our highly creative audience. We heart you!


TYLER! said...

Holy crap! A blog post! I don't know how to feel.

Courrrtenay said...

Hey. A year and a half isn't that long. Except in dog years. And blog years.

Courrrtenay said...

Oh, was only 7 months, not a year and a half! My math blows.