Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We heart Dan Savage.

Dan Savage being all charming 'n' stuff on Live Wire in '05.

So, not sure if you're aware, but we've book Dan Savage for the March 14 show. We kinda heart him, because last time he was on, he did a sketch with us that involved people dressing in nutria costumes. It was good.

Dan's done a similar thing lately with "Saddlebacking" as he did with "Santorum" a few years ago. I believe the whole thing originated from Dan's post-election visit to Stephen Colbert's show, in which he said things throughout the interview that clearly gave Colbert pause:

We're looking forward to a good, clean, public-radio friendly conversation with Dan. For air. But you'll have to come to the show to see what doesn't make it on air. Wheeee!

Dan Savage photo courtesy of Wire Moore.


Anonymous said...

Intellectual hero. Acerbic wit . All rolled up into one unavailable gay man. I'd be his hag any day.

Courrrtenay said...

Good call, Anonymous. Although I prefer the term "fagnet" to fag hag. Don't you?