Monday, March 23, 2009

Mime haters, unite!

Sean McGrath illustrates the inner workings of the mind of a mime.

So, one of the sketches on our 5th anniversary show (yay!) was "Mime Kampf," a piece written by Ralph Huntley from the twisted perspective of the inside of a mime's head. Performed with a perfectly annoying French accent by Sean McGrath, the sketch killed, if we do say so ourselves.

And since our audience haiku is often linked to sketches, one of the topics this show was "Mimes." And, holy beans, did we not know the can of hate worms we were opening in giving people THAT subject to expound upon. Here are a few choice tidbits:

Wind, stairs, shrinking cubes
This is not funny to me
Annoy someone else.
- Chris W.

You paint your face white
Racist bastard that you are
Hide behind that wall.
- Tess

White face black attire
Those mimes are kind of creepy
But fun to poke at.
- Jessica

Trapped in a glass box
Hoping that someone will care
Get a real job, dick.
- Sam B.

Make-up like toothpaste
Snug polyester pants
Interesting breed.
- anonymous

Your box, your world
Fake to me but real to you
Annoying to all.
- Courtney W.

In your silent world
Melodrama reigns supreme
Trapped? Me, I would scream.
- Crystal P.

Silent, white-faced freaks
Pulling invisible ropes
That's entertainment?
- Jen S.

Mines is it, or mimes?
Mimes in mines - that's an idea
You can't hear them scream.
- Moe

Hands whirling in the air
Inspires love, hate, wonder
Empty-headed man.
- Yasmine B. and him
He stole my first kiss
Oh god, I hate mimes!
- Rebecca S.

Never use an axe
To free a mime from a box
Use a sledgehammer.
- Eric

But there were a few people who were mime fans:

So he wears make-up
Girls - he uses his hands well
And no talk. Perfect!
- Emily S.

Black and White heaven
Get one of your own, lady
Keep your hands off MIME!
- anonymous

We also had some great submissions for our Savage Love topic:

Ah, those wonder years
Crazy how fast you grow up
I love you Fred Savage.
- Sarah

Joel Prizbilla, yeah
I'd like to climb like a tree
Savage Blazer love.
- Kellie

Liberal Cal-i
Then in November Prop 8
Savage, without love.
- Hans B.

...and a couple who went off topic to give Live Wire some lovin':

Night out, no kids, yum!
Once chance for intimacy
Hope the show puts out.
- Daniel R.

Me love you long time
Happy 5th Live Wire
You supple bitches!
- Genie E.

We're crazy in love
With Live Wire's Faces Gang
Radio's Best Bunch!
- Holly F.

..and possibly the strangest one mixes mimes with..well, you'll see:

I hate this damn box
Can you please let me go free?
Courtenay's boobs for me.
- Sam S.

We did not think that was where you were going with that, Sam. But we appreciate the sentiment. And thanks to everyone who made our 5th Anniversary show such an amazing experience. Portland is quite a town.

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