Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hai-KU! Bless you.

Michio Kaku explains string theory. Sort of.

So the April 11 show was fun. Kurt Andersen dished some really fun dirt about author David Denby and Daniel Wilson revealed what appeared to be a scientist crush on Michio Kaku. All in all, a great night of revelations!

If you were there and didn't get your haiku read on the air, there may still be a chance for your 12 seconds of fame!

Here are som haiku we loved...just not enough to hand you that all-important Powell's gift card. We know. We're terrible, terrible people:


Jacob is snarky
But he doesn't believe it.
Please tell him he is.
- Eric B. (Jacob, you're snarky. Eric, you're welcome.)

New outfit; head high
What's that? I hear a snicker.
Where's that snarky bitch?
- Faith A.

Your snarky comments
Are not appreciated
Go get on Twitter
- Erinn

Milk in my nostrils
I snorted, snarked and sharted
Need to change my pants
- Ryan B. (Ryan, thanks for..opening up so much. It's really...great.)

They call it "snarking";
Used to be "being catty."
Damned new hipster word!
- Holly F.

FEATHERS (birds beware!)

Down on my pillow
Clouds of feathers in the hall
Who let the cat out?
- Jesse B.

Red-tipped feathers on
Kitchen floor - cat does not know
Robins are our friends
- Andy S.

The night sky
Raining bright yellow and red
Big Bird exploded.
- Dan H. (We LOVE this Dan. Don't know how we missed it on air!)

Birds do it in flight
Penguins do it, be polite
Lucky? Then you might.
- Bombadil J. (We're now sure what you're referring to, Bomb.)

Seven baby chicks
Such a wondrous adventure
Poverty bestows
- Burton F.

Tranquil and downy
But there will be hell to pay
If they are ruffled
- Vanessa T.

Feathers strewn about
Paws wearing her cheshire grin
Seeking victim two
- Anonymous

Caged bird not singing
Yellow feathers drifting down
Smile on kitty's face
- Emily L.

Click on
Wrapped in a feather boa
Tickling them with lies
- Mia N.

First time at Live Wire
I want a Powell's gift card!
Pick mine please. Feathers!
- Guybe S. ('re so transparent. Clearly not in it for artistic reasons.)

RECESSIONITIS (dogs beware!)

Endlessly falling
Deep, deep, down down forever
So long GI Joe's.
- Todd E.

One: Withdraw your funds
Two: Put cash under mattress
Three: Move in with mom.
- Jesse S.

Your striped hand warmers
Won't make your winter less cold
If you can't buy pants.
- Betsy Levine

College payment late
Rainy day fund up in smoke
Time to sell the dog.
- Mary D.

Inflammatory spending
Take two years and call
- Gail J.

Two kids in college
And we put mom in the home
Where's our bailout?
- Chris H.

Hard times, the eagle
On my last dollar bill, is
Shedding his feathers
- Nick F.

Is it wrong these days
With so many friends laid off
To still hate my job?
- Casey D.

Just take a stimulagra!
Stocks will go straight up.
- Kian D.

We savor what's left
Of that expensive fromage
Think we can sell it?
- Jenny L.

If your wallet is
Inflamed or swollen might be
- Anna W.

Trouble on the farm
This ain't a nice recession
Had to eat the dog.
- Bern

Applicants desired:
Recession-proof business.
Must have pirate ship.
- Emily S.

What's a damn high cue?
Homeless, jobless, can't afford
To pay attention
- Kevin D.

Damn, I lost my job
But at least my butt doesn't
Look as big as hers.
- Seth B. (Snark and recessionitis?)

...and finally...

Need arts now! Live Wire:
Marvelous antidote to
- Emily

Thanks, Emily! And to all our audience members who take the time to be all arty whilst drinking beer. Keep the good stuff comin' in!


el padre rico said...

Fuck haiku. I mean ... I luuuurve haiku! Damn Tourettes!
Soooo .... after the long drought of posts I see karma nibbling on your bloggy little toes with a dearth of comments. How does it feel? I mean ... it was like you got me all hot and then never called.
Well, you're back now so the stalking can chillax. Sorry about your flowerbeds.
Geez, I meant to say something important. What the hell was that?

Courrrtenay said...

There were never a lot of comments on this blog - there was...y'know, you. And then us responding to you. And then you again. The comments section is really just a public forum for the conversation between Faces For Radio Theater and Father Rick. So, that being's the gonorrhea? All cleared up?

pudre said...

Yeah, Sweets, your cure worked like a charm. I have to buy a new Bible now, though.
Yes, my lack of life was always revealed by my diligence in the comment section here. I still have no life, but I'm not spending it elsewhere.

padree said...

Just dropped by to ...what? Oh, never mind.

el padre said...

You thought I wouldn't notice
that you left the neighborhood
Empty rooms
fresh paint
no car
Hot August mornings astride my bike
interrupted by the chill of your goneness
no reason to look left anymore
I would have said goodbye
had i only seen you