Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blog Day 1: The Hangover

Hi. I'm Courtenay, and along with my fellow "Hello, Internets!" bloggers, we make the comedy. Most of that comedy happens on a Portland, Oregon radio variety show called "Live Wire," but some of it happens while we're just sitting around our houses enjoying some Coco Puffs. We'll put it all here. Because we care about you, the reader. And you, the grocery-store shopper. And also you, the wealthy guy who wants to give our show money. Mostly that last guy.

Last Friday we found ourselves in a 12-passenger van, returning from our first-ever road trip outside Portland. As we approached the city, we were all looking out over the stunning beauty of the Gorge thinking, "Wow. This would be so much nicer if I didn't feel like my head was in a vice and a rodent ate my tongue and replaced it with its own body." See, there was a little bit of drinking the night before.

We were in Union, Oregon, performing a show for the bikers on the 500 mile Cycle Oregon ride - which this year passed through Heppner, Sumpter, Lake Wallula and some other places that sound totally fake. We performed the show outdoors in what was...I don't know...-17 degree weather, and then moved on to more important things. Like booze.

The majority of the Live Wire staff was drinking margaritas, expertly mixed by Pat, our Siren of Sound, in the kinda-too-small-to-hold-25-people 1970's-era RV of our guest band that night, Alan Singley and Pants Machine. I had mostly stayed out of the RV, due to a combination of claustrophobia and the close quarters reminding me that I took up a smidge too much space in the world. But that's for another post. At around 11:45, I left the RV to get more tequila. And that's when the real excitement began.

I'll let Sean tell the rest, for reasons that will become obvious later.

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